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Take time viewing a work of art that interests you. Go to the art work and face it ALONE. Some works of art will instill immediate enthusiasm while others require that you study them and slowly be seduced by them.

Only buy the things you like and that have meaning and attraction for YOU.

Don't be swayed by what others have to say about the art work. If you buy what others tell you to buy you will eventually be seeing through other people's eyes.

Don't give too much weight to the words of professional Art Critics. Pictures should be SEEN and not HEARD

Don't be influenced by the signature. Whenever practical buy art works that are signed but don't just buy the SIGNATURE. Buy the work of art . . . buy PICTURES not NAMES.

Always buy the BEST QUALITY that you can afford and remember that the work of most artists vary in quality.

Become friendly with dealers and auction houses that often handle the type of art work you collect so that they will alert you when good things are available.

According to your personal tastes, try to collect within a category or a particular style or period of art. In this way you will be able to more quickly attain acute judgment and expertise. You can't know everything about all areas of art. Do this even if the area you chose is a broad one.

As your collection grows sell, trade or gift your lesser pieces. In this way you may help create some funds to continue the up-grade your collection.

Be aware of auction prices as well as retail replacement prices and the availability of the items you collect in each of these venues.

If you discover you made a mistake regarding something you bought (not authentic; poor quality; a copy or fake) use it as a learning device but be sure to DEFINE the LESSON you learned so that you will not make the same mistake again. Dispose of your mistakes: trade or sell in a package deal; local auction where sold as is; tax deductable charitable contribution etc

Chose realistic values when insuring your collection because the premium you pay is related to the values you have chosen.


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