Appraisal Services

As an independent professional in fine art & appraisal, that provides confidential services for individuals, corporations, insurance companies, estates, guardianships, courts and governmental agencies. An I.R.S. and Court Qualified Expert. Certified from the UNITED STATES APPRAISAL FOUNDATION'S Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (2014-2015)


Art Appraisal for Buyers

Individuals and corporations who are considering the acquisition of art works should always obain a market value appraisal prior to expending substantial funds.

Art Appraisal for Sellers

Individuals and Corporations who are considering selling art of unknown considerable value should always obtain a market value appriasal prior to disposing of the same.

Appraisals for Insurance

Before you buy or replace insurance on your art and collectables you should always obtain a current replaement value appraisal.

Appraisals for Damagae or Loss

If you are an insurance company which must determine true replacement value of damages or loss OR an insured claimant who suffered damage and loss to your collectables you should always obtain a competent appraisal before payment or settlement is made.

Estates Appraisals

Substantial Federal Estate tax returns may require an appraisal of the deceased's tangible personal property.

Appraisals of Charitable Contribution (Donations)

Contributions which are used in an Internal Revenue Service return as a deduction require a qualified appriasal b a qualified appraiser.

Appraisals for Bankruptcy

Attorneys and Trustees in Bankruptcy are required to obtain personal property appraisals of all substantial assets of the Bankrupt.

Art Appraisal for Court Related Valuations & Expert Testimony

Whenever art or collectables are the subject of litigation an appraisal should always be obtained.

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